Nanophysics of nanopartiiceles and nanotechnology

Last, first name Them of dissertation head of dissertation
Novruzova Aygul     Akram Working out of the producing technology in polymer matrix and investigation of properties of PbS nanoparticles PhDr  F.V.Hajiyev

Musayeva Guljahan Musannif Investigation and magnetic properties of nanocomposites produced on the basis of PP+Fe‏ Prof. Dr.Sc. Ramazanov M.A.

Shahbazova Farida Azad Physical basic of localization, movement and absorption of  nanoparticles  in plants As.Prof. I.Ahmadov

Rzayev Ravil Farahim Electrical conductivity of quantum dots  N.S.

Physics of atomics

Mahmudova Gulnar Rafik

Finding of the potential functions of diatomic molecules on the basis of Sleyter functions

As.Prof.Pashaev FG

Huseynova Sakina Aladdin The calculation of the energy levels of d electrons by using  the group theory As.Prof.Vagabova M.R.


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