Educational Laboratory

The Educational Laboratory of Department of Chemical Physics of Nanomaterials BSU  is created according to the order of the rector 3/446 from 13.12.96 years.

Now in educational process of laboratory it is used:

Program NanoEducator (ZAO NT-MDT, 124460, Moscow, Zelenograd);
The computer programs working in operation sysem MS Windows and prepared in system Delphi Studio
for calculations of electronic structure nanostructures by method Hartree -Fock - Roothaan and
by semiempirical methods (Hukkel and Wolfsberg-Helmholts) in basis Slater Functions;

2 modern computers;
2 Scanning Atomic Force Microscopies (Model SZMU-L5)
1 Atomic Force Microscop Ntegra Prima
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Cary Eclipse.

Scanning Atomic Force Microscope(
Model SZMU-L5), Atomic Force Microscop Ntegra Prima and Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Cary Eclipse



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