The department“ Chemical Physics of Nanomaterials ” BSU has been created on the basis of the order of Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic at number 21/4-157 from November, 15, 1971 the decision of Board of the Ministry of Education at number 7/8 from May, 12, 1972. In the beginning it has received the name of Department “Quantum mechanics of atoms and molecules” then “Chemical physics of Nanomaterials”. Taking into account the scientific and technical importance of research nano materials, the purpose deeper studiing of this area, the organization of educational process, formation a direction of scientifically methodical development by the order of rector BSU R-05 from 21.01.06. on the basis of the decision of the Academic council from 06.01.2006 Department it is renamed on into Department “Chemical Physics of Nanomaterials ”. During the long period on department the competent scientific faculties for republic have been prepared.

At present time managing department is Doctor of physics sciences
M.A.Ramazanov. He was born in 1958 year. In 1980 has ended of Physical Faculty ASU. In 1989 has protected the dissertation on a degree of the candidate physical - mathematical sciences on specialization physics of semiconductors and dielectric (01.04.07.)
In 2000 decision NAS at the Azerbaijan Republic has received the certificate senior scientific the worker. Worked as the engineer and the manager of laboratory (1986-1992) Register "SCB" at Institute of Physics NAS of Azerbaijan. In 1992 has been transferred to a post of the senior scientific employee of Institute of Physics. In 2002 by the decision of a certifying commission it is translated to a post of the conducting scientific employee. In 2004 has been appointed by the first deputy director of Institute space Investigated natural resources of Azerbaijan National Space Agency of NAS. In 2005 has been invited to a post of director Nano Center BSU, then the deputy director of Institute of Physical Problems. In July, 2006 it is head of department of Chemical Physics Nanomaterials. He is author of 315 scientific works(
From them61 articles have been published in scientific magazines Thomson Retera), 21 inventions- including 13 authorships certificate and 8 patents. Under his management was protected  5 post-graduate students. Now he  is the supervisor of studies of 6 post-graduate students and 5 post doc. sciences. At Department there is an Educational laboratory. On department 10 employees work.

Long time supervised Department (1972-1993) Doctor, professor I.I.Guseinov at present works at university in Turkey and supports constant scientific communication with employees of Department. Received the international popularity the scientific works on physics of atoms and molecules.
professor I.I.Guseinov has played the big role in creation and development of department. From 1993-2005 head of department was Doctor, professor T.M.Mursalov. For this time employees of department carried out works on a problem «Development quantum mechanical methods of calculation in multielectronic problems». Scientific directions of department of chemical physics nanomaterials are processes of burning and explosion. Now employees of department carry out lecture and seminar employment at physical and chemical faculties BSU, carry out a management of final works of bachelors and magistrers dissertations. On department are prepared 2 doctor's, 20 master's theses are successfully protected. Scientific works of employees are published in authoritative international and republican scientific magazines reported on various symposiums and scientific conferences.

In 2003-2014 4 educational books, 4 educational manuals and 4 books, 229 articles(in republic 96, in foreign 133), 190 theses (in republic 101, in foreign 89) were is issued and received 4 patents.The Department of Chemical Physics Nanomaterials BSU cooperates and supports scientific communications with a number of research establishments and universities of countries CIS and the foreign states.
The address: AZ1148 Baku, street academician Z.Khalilova 23, BSU the basic home, physical faculty
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