Physics of nanopartiiceles
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Javadova Natavan Mubaris, The influence of the interactions of interphases in the formation of the structure and properties of the nanocomposites based on PP+Fe3O4Prof.M.A.Ramazanov.

Gadirli Tunzale Rajab, The satbilization feathures complexes of metal nanoparticles with carbon-cahin polymer fragments Ass. prof. N.S.Nabiev

Sharifova Gultan Samir,Synthesis, structure and properties of Fe, Co, Ni nanoparticles, Ass. prof. F.V.Hacıyeva

Physics of atom and molecules
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Aliyeva Gulbahar Ramiz, Calculation of wave functions and energies of terms of molecules BeH and CH with open electronic shell, Ass.Prof. F.H. Pashaev.

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