1. 2014-2016 Grant Tempus Curriculum reform and the modernization of ecology engineering based on nanotechnology, ECONANO.
    2. 2011-2013 Grant 266600 FP7-INCO-2010-06 (The European Community's Seventh Framework Programme ) “Nanotechnology Platform for Electronics and Photonics” (NAPEP.)
    3. 2011-2012 TWAS (UNESCO) “Interactions of nanoparticles with membrane systems of cells of two higher water plants – towards mechanizms of nanophytotoxcity”.
    4. 2011 Grant of CIS N 10887 (Russia) Application of nanotechnology in oil extracting.
    5. 2011 Grant of CIS N 10886 (Russia) Application of nanotechnology to collect oil from the water surface.
    6. 2010-2012 KACST - BSUAZ/01/401-30 (Saudi Arabia) “Application of Nanotechnology in Oil Extracting” Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology”.
    7. 2010-2011 TWAS (UNESCO) “Growth of core/shell type nanoparticles on basis CdS-CuS in polymer matrices, and an evaluation of the electrical and optical properties of the composite materials”.
    8. 2009–2013 Grant IZ73Z0_128068 SCOPES “Interactions of nanoparticles with membrane systems of cells of higher water plants – towards mechanisms of nano-phytotoxicity”.
    9. 2009-2012 Grant 3898 STCU “Radio ecological survey of the soil of the territory of Baku city of Absheron peninsular”.
    10. 2008 -2009 Grant N 01( SOCAR) Application of scientific and technological bases of nanotechnology in oil extracting.
    11. 2007-2009 COST539 Action “Electroceramics from Nanopowders Processed by Innovative Methods(ELENA)”.
    12. 2006-2008 Grant 3840 STCU “The utilization of wastes of production PTFE wares as mean of fight against international terrorism”.
    13. 2005-2007 Grant 3486 STCU “Diffusion and ion-exchange processes in chalcogenide semiconductor nanoparticles, formed in volume of polymer matrix”.
    14. Azerbaijan and USA Joint Grant Program(JGP II) - 2007 ."Influence of Interphase Interactions on Physico-Chemical Properties of Polymeric Magnetic Nanocomposites" Azerbaijan head of grant project: Mahammadali Ramazanov, Institute of Physics of NAS USA head of grant project: Mostafa El-Sayed, Georgia Institute of Technology USA
    15. Application of nanotechnology in the prevention of suppurative inflammatory processes in postsurgical complications
    16. The Project - The development program of Nanotechnology in Azerbaijan Republic
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