Professor of Kumamoto University-Japan Ihara Hirotaka visits Baku State University

The President of BSU, academician Abel Maharramov met with Hirotaka Ikhara the professor of the Kumamoto University of Japan, and at the meeting the President gave information about the Azerbaijan-Japan relations, the study of Japanese language at Baku State University, Cooperation on science and education issues. During the meeting, were discussed establishing of new and continuation of old relations and student, master and PhD exchanges between Kumamoto University and BSU. Then, Prof. Hirotaka İhara has been to NanoResearch Center and together with Prof. Mahammadali Ramazanov has discussed about the outline of the research work that PhD. Student Rahimi Almara will undertake during her visit to Japan. It was decided that she will deal with the synthesis of the polymer coating on the surface of SiO2 nanoparticles as a result of polymerization of monomers and subsequently carbonization as a result of thermal processing. Discussions about the construction the drugs on the surface of such substances and about possible prospects of application of these materials in the targeted drug delivery in the future were held. The application of such materials as luminescent material was also noted. In the future, the use of this technology to transport drugs to cancer cells has also been discussed and agreed on the carbonization of the surface iron oxide nanoparticles and the construction of the drugs on the surface of nanoparticles. We would like to note that the second employee of the Nanotechnology Center is conducting fundamental research in Kumamoto University of Japan.

Lorenzo Maccone has given a lecture at the faculty of Physics and Nanoresearch laboratory of BSU

Lorenzo Maccone , Professor in the Department of Physics,  Italia – Pavia University  and member of INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics) , has given a lecture on “Quantum Technologies and foundations” at the faculty of Physics and Nanoresearch laboratory of BSU . Dr. Maccone is an internationally known speaker and scientist on Quantum Information Theory .  He is the author of multiple publications in International Journals indexing in different databases ( Web of Science, Scopus , Google Scholar and etc.) and a book. He was delivering  a public lecture at Baku State University during 2 – 6 Aprel. Lectures were open to  the public. A lot of Students, masters and PhD’s were taking part in the lectures. In 5 th of April prof. Maccone gave a presentation  in Nanoresearch laboratory. In his presentation he covered many interesting aspects of Quantum Physics and answered asked questions. Discussions will be held for further collaboration.

PhD student of BSUNanoresearch laboratory conducts research in Japan

PhD student of BSU Nanoresearch laboratory, AlmaraRahimli, carries out research work at the Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of Kumamoto University, Japan. The visit takes place through the invitation by Professor of Department Head of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry Hirotaka Ihara and all visit expenses are covered by Japanese government. At the frame of internship AlmaraRahimli will investigate the technology of acquisition and stabilization of TiO2 nanoparticles by the use of new carbon modification method. She will also study the possible applications of these novel hybrid materials. It should be noted that at the Baku State University recently, special attention is paid to the dual management issues of PhD students. The supervisors of the PhD student AlmaraRahimli is Dean of the Faculty Physics of Baku State University, Professor MahammadaliRamazanov, and Professor of Department Head of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry Hirotaka IHARA.

Scientists of Switzerland have been in Nano Research Laboratory


Between the Department of chemical physics of nanomaterials  of Physics faculty of Baku State University and Complex Matter Physics, Institute of Condensed Matter Physics, EPFL (LCMP/EPFL) carried out joint scientific research funded by Swiss Science Foundation program SCOPES (Project - IZ73Z0128068). The project was carried out from 2010 year  and  completed in December 2012 . Swiss Science Foundation  taking into account the interes of this problem and successfully implementation of the project  by the EPFL's proposal decided  to  extend the period of project and allocated additional funds. At present Dean of Physics faculty Prof. Mahammadali Ramazanov and senior scientist of nanoresearch laboratory are in the visit at the EPFL. İn the 15th july the head of Department of Complex Matter Physics of Institute of Condensed Matter Physics, EPFL prof. Laszlo Forro  and senior scientists of this department Dr.Andrzej Sienkewicz  were  at the Nanoresearch laboratory of  BSU. Vice-rector for Science and Innovation of BSU prof. Kazimzade Aydin met and welcomed guests. In the discussions he attached great value to the scientific relations between EPFL and BSU. Guests are informed about education at  BSU,  its scientific potential, and about its material and technical base. And  they were at Nanoresearch laboratory. They were informed with the scientific directions of laboratory and  they gave  a great value of these work,  have noted the great importance experiments of nanoresearch laboratory and their importance for future collaborations. In frame of this visit were discussed the joint projects for future researches in the nanotechnology.

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